Plastic Sup HDPE 290

  • Length: 9' 6" / 290 cm

  • Width: 35" / 90 cm

  • Thickness:

  • Board weight: 20 kg / 44 lb

  • Max Load: 100 kg / 220 lb

  • Fins: 2

_0005s_0001s_0000_Plastic Sup HDPE 290 a
_0005s_0001s_0001_Plastic Sup HDPE 290 b



Something new and exciting is pushing you into the world of Stand Up Paddling.

Stand Up Paddling is fantastic.

This sport is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Plastic SUP HDPE 2.90 is a solid wide HDPE (High Density Polyethilene) SUP with large non-slip surfaces.

From lakes and rivers to the open ocean this plastic SUP board is ideal for new users and for the whole family members in general.

The quality and price ratio is outstanding.


Optional accessories

  • Paddle
  • Leash