AquaSup 11' 6'' (350cm) Sail Package

  • Length: 350 cm

  • Width: 82 cm

  • Thickness: 15 cm

  • Board weight: 9.6 kg

  • Max Load: 120 kg

  • Fins: 2

_0003_A4 for Box Sail
Aquasup 11,6 Sail Live a
Aquasup 11,6 Sail Live b
Aquasup 11,6 Sail Live c
Aquasup 11,6 Sail Live d
Aquasup 11,6 Sail Live e


Aquasup 11' 6" Sail Package

The AquaSup Sail 11' 6" Sail Package is large and stable and has two fins and a handle for easier transport.

It also has a special reinforced double layer material.

It's good construction makes it suitable for heavy duty use and is ideal for watersports.

In addition, it has a special adapter for using a sail and a bangee cord for storage.



  • Board
  • Paddle
  • Repair Kit
  • Carrying Bag
  • High Air Pressure Pump
  • Leash


The Sand Up Paddling (S.U.P.) is a world-famous sport and is a way to exercise our whole body.

This SUP can be used in all water conditions: sea, lake, river, canal.

It's gymnastics benefits combined with being easy, entertsaining asnd practiced by anyone, makes it incredibly popular regardless of age, weight, experience etc.

One of its many advantages is that it does no need many hours of training.

Nowadays it is the freshest addition to field of watersports and as you will see is one of the easiest and most fun addition.

The SUP's are for all conditions and for every use for anyone rider.

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