As there is the ideal board for every rider, so there is the ideal paddle for any board you choose.
For Racing you will need a light, hard paddle that will give you maximum power with minimal effort.
For Surfing you will need a soft-axle paddle to make it more resistant to impact.
For Touring there are medium hardness and adjustable height paddles.

We could adjust the height of the paddle according to speed and local weather conditions.
The paddle for a SUP rower is a timeless investment. The high performance pad will make you money back in time.
Carbon is a lightweight and rigid material, which means that paddle movements have the best possible performance without wearing extra weight and are very durable compared to fiberglass.
In addition to carbon material, paddles come out in other materials such as fiberglass, aluminum where each has its own assets.
Fiberglass paddle, the paddler can give more strength by adding a little weight.
Aluminum paddles are the solution for the beginners in SUP boarding sport, but they are heavy with poor performance.
Unless you are an athlete, adjustable paddles for SUP are suitable in calm sea or with small waves, up-wind or down-wind.

Adjustable paddles are convenient for the whole family. We could adjust the paddle to the appropriate height of each person.

Adjustable paddles are divided into 2 parts.
The lightweight paddles are definitely more resilient and the good quality paddles have a better reflex, thus having a higher efficiency factor and less energy loss.