Inflatable paddle boards have been rising in popularity over the years because they are the easiest boards to store at home and transport to and from the water.

All you have to do is pump up your board to the suggested PSI and you’re ready to paddle.
For first time rowers, an inflatable board is ideal and works great in all conditions
Inflatable paddle boards are just as rigid as epoxy boards because they are constructed with drop stitch technology and high-density PVC layers that creates a solid SUP.
If you’re looking for ease of convenience, then an inflatable SUP offers a greater advantage.
Developments in the design of inflatable boards have improved its rigidity to make them nearly similar to epoxy boards.
Inflatable boards offer more comfort especially if you will be paddling standing up for long periods.

Epoxy, on the other hand, offers a smoother glide and better response when turning.
Inflatables feature a highly durable robust rubber material with “drop stitch” technology to promote its stability – almost as high as 90% compared to rigid boards.
Inflatables boards makes storage issues a lot simpler compared to epoxy and hard boards when it comes to transportation.

Deflated boards can be easily packed along in your luggage. Just make sure that before storing, the SUP is completely dry.
Inflatables are susceptible to scratches and dents.